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Pigment Sticks from R&F Handmade Paints are oil paint manufactured with just enough wax to be molded into an oil stick with lipstick-soft consistency. Draw or paint directly onto a surface without brushes, palettes, paint tube, or solvents!

This demonstration provides an introduction to R&F's materials and includes a wide range of information on topics ranging from health and safety to surface effects. You'll learn:

  • What Pigment Sticks are (pigment and linseed oil)
  • How Pigment Sticks enable exploring traditional and alternative methods of painting through drawing or painting directly onto a surface with immediacy and fluidity.
  • Health and safety when working with Pigment Sticks (including proper disposal of oil-soaked rags and paper towels)
  • Appropriate supports and tools
  • Transparent vs. opaque Pigment Sticks
  • Building a surface, monoprinting, image transfer, and mark-making
  • Additional techniques (the use of cold wax, Gelli plates, etc.) as time permits

You will leave this presentation fully prepared to begin working with R&F Pigment Sticks!

Caryl St. Ama taught studio arts for thirty years at Glendale College. She has exhibited with the Arroyo Arts Collective and the Downtown Arts Development Association, which positions artists to work in non-traditional areas such as the abandoned Lincoln Heights Jail. Recent exhibitions include Dual Gallery, Budapest, Hungary and Chaffey Community Museum of Art, Ontario, CA. Her work was featured in Embracing Encaustic by Linda Robertson.

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